"i checked out your site and you guys are playing some DAMN GOOD music! i love just about every band you are playing. ...your site kicks ass!"
[Seth Watts - Over It - 10/10/05]

"we're all sitting around the office listening to the radio show right now, it's genious"
[Robert Hitt- Midtown & I Surrender Records - 14/09/05]

"Just listened to the show! Thank you so much. that completly kicked my ass! You rock, your show rocks"
[Danny Elmwood - Butane & 99 Cent Records - 14/09/05]

"4Q fork yeah!!!"
[Dave Gibbo - Elemeno P - 29/06/05]

"We listen to your radio station quite a bit in our offices"
[Paul - Grindstore - 23/04/04]