1st February 2006

Billy Talent - Cut The Curtains
The MovieLife - Kelly Song

Matchbook Romance You can run but well find you
Story Of The Year - Stereo

Coheed and Cambria - The Suffering
Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance

Alkaline Trio - Burn
MXPX The Story

Rufio - Don't hate me
From Autumn to Ashes - Short for show

Thrice - Identity Crisis
Gym class Heroes - Taxi Driver

Lostprophets - We Still Kill The Old Way
Midtown - Just Rock 'n' Roll

RX Bandits - Decrescendo
Panic At the Disco The Only Difference Between

Tsunami Bomb - Dawn on a funeral day
Sixty Mile Smile Our World

The Birth of Jose - Cigarettes

3rd December 2005

The Used
- Choke
Matchbook Romance - Monsters

A Change Of Pace - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Millencolin - Mooseman's Jukebox

Refused - Refused are f
**king dead
No Children - Life is made to roll

Story Of The Year - We Dont Care Anymore
Finch - Fireflies

Valencia - Que Sera Sera
Bleed The Dream - Solace

The Academy Is - Checkmarks
Over It - Crush

Two Minute Warning - 50,000 Things
Papa Roach - Scars

Rise Against - Dancing For Rain
AudioVent- Beautiful Addiction

Delson Drive - Breathless
Gym Class Heroes - Papercuts

MC Lars - Signing Emo
Butane - Intuition

Funeral For A Friend - History

4th October 2005

Over It - Waiting
Head Automatica - I Shot William H. Macy

The Matches - Sick Little Suicide
The Lucky Nine - Vessel & Vine

Maxeen - Strangers
Millencollin - Shut You Out

Finch - Post Script
Love Me Butch - Stumble Upon A Glass

Divit - In Slow Forward Motion
Elemeno P - Nirvana

The Doppler Effect - My Very Own Fairytale Tragedy
Faith - Dice

Alkaline Trio - Private Eye
Bullet For My Valentine - Just Another Star

Blindside - Fell in Love with the Game
Hot Water Music - All Heads Down

Valencia - What Are You Doing Man? That's Weird!
Lola Ray - Automatic Girl

Only Crime - Doomsday Breach
Hopesfall - TSY The Bending

12th September 2005

Valencia - Que Sera Sera
At The Drive-In - Arcarsenal

Bullet For My Valentine - No Control
Halifax - A Writer's Reference

Fightstar - Palahniuk's Laughter
From Autumn To Ashes - Sugar Wolf

Finch - Insomniatic Meat
Buffcode - Down With Reason

Delson Drive - Breathless
Butane - Sanity

Descendents - Nothing With You
Die Trying - Oxygens Gone

Valencia - What Are You Doing Man? That's Weird!
Alkaline Trio - We've Had Enough

Novice - Letter From A Friend
Bleed The Dream - Legends Die

Rise Against - My life inside your heart
Pin Boys - Nothing Left to Loose

Funeral For A Friend - All The Rage
The Fullblast - Why Does Banana Get Shotgun?

Alexisonfire - Accidents

20th August 2005

The Matches - Sick Little Suicide
MXPX - Young And Depressed

Midtown - Just Rock and Roll
Misfits - Helena

New Found Glory - All Downhill form Here
Cartel - Luckie St

Millencollin - Stalemate
Green Day - St. Jimmy

Lostprophets - We Are Godzilla You Are Japan
Your Loss - Veracity

Far - mother mary
New Heart - Bright Eyes

AFI - Girls not Grey
Shift-D - The World Exploded

Butane - The New Kid
Pennywise - Still Can Be Great

Lola Ray - Automatic Girl
Bleed The Dream - Solace

Aisle Nine - Samsara
Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright

The Nothing - Its holy water trust me

5th August 2005

Finch - A Piece Of Mind
The Living End - Carry Me Home

D-Sailors - Uniform
Fenix TX - Beating A Dead Horse

Delson Drive - Drown
Deviates - Right Back to You

The Mediam - God Is A Communist
Sowatt - Move On

Unwritten Law - F.I.G.H.T.
Useless I.D. - Far From Distance

Avenged Sevenfold - The Wicked End
Bad Religion - Evangeline

Alkaline Trio - Back To Hell
The Vandals - People That Are Going to Hell

Alexisonfire - Control
Chixdiggit - Geocities Kitty

Any Given Day - Generation Breakdown
Denver Harbor - Satisfied

Die Trying - One Day At A Time
Face To Face - Ordinary

Elemeno P - Ohio
Blink 182 - Mothers Day

22nd July 2005

Alkaline Trio - Time to Waste
Transplants - Not Today (Featuring Sen Dog)

AFI - This Celluloid Dream
Finch - Ink

Pinboys - I Hate All The Things You Love
Fastlane - Dreaming

Elemeno P - Fast Times in Tahoe
Refused - Beauty

Foo Fighters - DOA 
The Sunshine Underground - Put You In Your Place

Bodyjar - Not the Same
Butane - Birthday Song 2

Jack - Not Together Ever
Daydream Storytellers - Logun Mann

Brand New - Okay I Believe You, But My Tom...
The Soviettes - Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!

System Of A Down - This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song
Bionic Twitch - Under my Control

Dead 50's - Heck of a Guy
Chixdiggit - Nobody Understands Me


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